Thursday, February 26, 2009

after the show it's the after party

i can't bring myself to call it "the reception".
not that "reception" is a bad word. lots of things deserve a formal welcome - weddings and the joining of families being one of the good ones.
but i just don't think that fits. for me. for us.
so i've been calling it a cocktail party. it is a party, there will be cocktails, the only difference being i'll have a new last name. and H2B will have a wife. the party may also include (but is not limited to): love, family, friends, laughs, tears, dancing & ice cream.
this may be the
onto the details - this party will be at Trocadero, a parisian-style cafe located on Milwaukee's east side, known for its incredibly tasty bloody mary's and french-chic decor. it will be held in the Garden Room, which is located off of Troc's popular patio, complete w/ stone pathways, grape vines in abundance, and twinkly string lights. 
**the picture of us above is from my surprise birthday brunch - also held at Trocadero**
**do not have any pics of the Garden Room to post just yet...stay tuned**


Blogger Brian said...

The surprise b-day party was wonderful; but that is not my favorite picture! Unfortunately Jennie is significantly more photogenic than H2B. I will prevail upon Jennie to post more flattering photos of yours truly....

February 26, 2009 6:57 PM  

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