Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the moooood

the mood board. the inspiration board. the "has-a-lot-of-pictures-on-it" board.
those in the blogosphere (particularly of the wedding sort) are familiar with this organized way of explaining to others what their vision is for their big day.
i do these all the time for work. it's like sometimes i can only explain in visuals. it's sometimes the only way the client will understand what i'm thinking. when i told H2B that i was going to create a mood board to share with him, he said "are you trying to sell this wedding to me?"


"but honey! it's the only way i know how!"


still, he loves me and for this i am grateful. 
the mood for our wedding can be best described as intimate, whimsical & fun.
it's us. 
it will be very small (about 70 guests or so) and will be close friends and family. sometimes i wish we could invite everyone - we are both so blessed to have great friends all across the country - but we're just unable to cut it financially. and i think that's okay - people will understand. and i think it's going to be great.


Blogger Brian said...

OK - I'm sold!

February 25, 2009 10:55 PM  

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