Thursday, March 26, 2009

combined styles

while H2B and i agree on most things (pizza toppings, the perfect temperature for a run, puppies) we do differ slightly on our interior design preferences. i like shabby chic meets mid-century modern with a side of the occasional wallpapered wall, while he leans more towards darker colors meets wooden accents and the color blue. well friends have no fear because i believe we've somehow managed to find a solution that works - we've come up with a compromise.
Modern Rustic.
i'm sure we are not the first or the last to welcome this mix & match style, but it seems to compliment the best of both visions without anyone threatening to move out or tear a wall down.
my most coveted piece of furniture (at this moment) is the Louis Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck. i would be elated with one, singular chair sharing a corner of our bedroom...but the ideal situation would be 8 of them around our some-day dining room table. or maybe 4, with a bench on the other side. however, i'm not quite sure brian is convinced...
in any event, this post is for you, H2B, because for awhile i've been meaning to show you that this timeless display of beautiful design could exist in our Modern Rustic lifestyle.
paired with a dark, slightly bruised and battered solid table - we might just live happily ever after.


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