Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby!

did everyone have a fantastic weekend? the weather is finally starting to warm up here in milwaukee so we took full advantage of being outside both days - it was so refreshing. however i guess i was over-eager about said weather because during my run on saturday i completely tripped and was airborne for like, 2 minutes. then came crashing down, thus scraping my hands and knees. poor me :(

in other news, today is H2B's birthday - hooray! 

we had a great time celebrating on saturday - i surprised him w/ a visit from his best friend who met us for lunch w/ his family. my mom and dad came too - a good time was had by all.
i was insanely inspired by the first photo above, so i recreated it with my own appropriate phrasing and framed it for H2B's birthday gift. love it.
it was also Ruby's birthday (our 2 year old calico kitty) on sunday and we had a little photoshoot to commemorate her years on earth thus far. as you can imagine, like any cat, she was thrilled. (pictures to come) she also received a new (albeit small) kitty condo, which from an interior design perspective i am hugely embarrassed of, but she loves it as she can be all mysterious and hidden while still keeping an eye on us, so we are happy. 
**ps.however, do not hesitate to believe i will hide that thing so fast when guests come over. and you know this.
**pps. if anyone knows the artist of the above photo - shoot me a comment. am sure i saw it on one of the hundreds of blogs i read daily - would like to give credit where credit is due**


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