Thursday, March 5, 2009

Milwaukee Part 1

H2B claims that the reason i noticed him that fateful night we first met is because he was the only person in milwaukee that i didn't know.
this may or may not be true. i argue that there were and are other reasons he is noticeable :)
that being said, he was new to milwaukee and as a long-time resident and lover of my city, i took it upon myself to create a list of must-do things while living here.
and because i'm a designer, i couldn't help but make said list into a poster.
my first gift to him.
i thought it would be fun to post this, because i was thinking of our out of town guests that will be visiting milwaukee for the first time for our wedding, and how this might be applicable for them too. granted, they will not be able to complete all 75 things...but there's no harm in trying :)
i also will be posting a milwaukee inspiration board that co-incides with this post later today!
**this poster now hangs framed in our apartment. i think we've completed a little over 50% of the tasks...and it is a great resource when we run out of ideas for dates.**


Blogger Janna said...

Very very cool! You're making me want to come to Milwaukee for a visit! (One of my former college roomies lives there.)

I just found a really cool site last night that kind of incorporates this into an online wedding map; I added all of the favorite parts of my hometown on the map, like where to get the best ice cream, little known brewery tours, where the best Friday night fish fry is, etc and it was so much fun! (Can you tell I'm a fellow 'Sconnie?) :)

March 5, 2009 2:20 PM  

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