Thursday, March 26, 2009

other people's weddings

it's hard to believe, but brian & i aren't the only ones getting married this summer. (i know, i can barely grasp the concept myself). in fact, we are attending 6 other weddings. i also can't turn down a good reason to design something, so when my dear friend renee came to me and asked to design her wedding invitations, i said of course.
renee and her betrothed will be married just a little over a month before brian & i and her wedding will be traditional, simple and classic. with a side of fun & sweetness. because that is renee and troy.
renee loved the idea of champagne glasses along with whatever illustration pattern that my little heart desired. she also wanted to do a postcard-sized RSVP to save on the cost of an extra envelope.
we came up with a good solution. (click on the image to see more detail)
and delivered yesterday a week or so before our deadline...she is one happy bride :)


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