Tuesday, March 10, 2009

we'll leave the light on

friends. it's been awhile. well - 3 days i guess. but in the blogosphere i feel like that is a long time. nevertheless, not too many wedding updates, but i will let you all in on some hotel information in case you are coming in from out of town for the big day.
the best part is that H2B composed an incredibly witty email to send out, which is quoted below and will serve as our post:
"Hi Everyone,
The weekend of July 25 is still a ways off (mailed invitations still to come), but I thought I should provide some hotel information for those of you who are organized planners. While the concept is alien to me, I understand that some of you operate according to an actual plan. You may even prefer having your reservation locked in early to the excitement of finding last minute lodgings.
In any event we have arranged for a block of rooms at the Hilton Milwaukee River at a discounted rate. The information is as follows:
Hilton Milwaukee River | 4700 N. Port Washington Road | Milwaukee, WI | 414.962.6040
To take advantage of the rate call the hotel directly at the number above and ask for a room with the "Mead/Quinn Wedding Group". Room rates are $109 per night for one or two people, $119 for three people, and $129 for four people.
Please be aware that the cut off date for the special rate is June 23.
The hotel is about three miles north of downtown and is at an easy-to-access location. It is not however, within walking distance. We tried to get a block of rooms at one of the hotels right downtown, but they are heavily booked that weekend with festival crowds. For some reason the city of Milwaukee thought that it would be appropriate to celebrate our wedding by holding a huge German Festival for the entire weekend. We are not sure how to thank them, but we will enjoy the beer, sausage, pretzels and music.
If anyone would like to stay downtown so that they can walk back to their hotel in the evening, there are many hotels that may have individual rooms available, but they are booking up quickly. Hotwire.com and Kayak.com are two great websites for finding hotels in the city, and if you have questions or would like recommendations, feel free to call and we will be glad to help."

here are some downtown hotels we recommend:
The Ironhorse (new, super awesome, my fave)
County Claire (for all you irishmen & women out there - we really wanted to reserve the block of rooms here)
The Pfister (a little upscale)
**the image above is from the Iron Horse Hotel. it is the hotel's breakfast room called The Library. love.it.**


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