Wednesday, April 29, 2009


dear friends - as if the wedding was not news enough...
i have more great news!
Brian recently accepted a position as Vice President of Engineering & Quality for Elkhart Products Company. This is such a blessing, as most of you are aware, because he has been looking for a job for quite some time now.
The other news is that this company is in Indiana. And while the drive isn't terribly long from Milwaukee (about 3 hours, also easily accessible by train) it does mean that we'll be moving.We have the lease on our apartment until the end of August, so I will be living in the Mil all summer. H2B however, is staying in a corporate apartment for the first month, and then will most likely be moving to a new place that we hope to find together within this first month. The area we are looking to live is in South Bend, home to the University of Notre Dame. And no - we can't get football tickets - but I'm sure we could arrange a picture next to the Rudy statue or something equally fascinating.
We will be seeing each other on weekends, and are hoping to get together for our wedding in July. (ha).
All-in-all, it is very exciting, but a little scary too.
There are a lot of questions still to be answered (what about my job? where to live? do-they-have-Starbucks-in-Indiana?, etc) but high on our priority list is to return sooner-than-later to Milwaukee and to keep in close contact with everyone we love here. Thanks in advance to Facebook, Email and this blog for making this transition smoother.
Here's to one great last summer in Milwaukee
the picture above is from Brew City Gear. awesome stuff from an awesome city.


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