Friday, May 15, 2009

like, so fabulous

friends! it's friday! happy happy joy joy.
this weekend, my long-distance lov-ah and i are meeting half-way in Chicago to go to a fantastic event: the Young Modern party at the NEW Modern Wing of the Art Institute of Chicago. SO excited! 
i have a pretty new dress and H2B said he got some new duds too. he sounded pretty psyched about his outfit choice, so i'm super anxious to see how handsome he'll look.
how did we get invited to such a soiree? my dear, lovely friend anne who is at the helm of this ship that is the new Modern Wing, graciously asked us to be her guests, and to see exactly what she has been working on for what seems like a million years. 
thank you annie - we are so excited and you've been working your a$$'s time for a cocktail!


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