Thursday, June 25, 2009

One Month Away

folks, we are officially one month away from
i am excited and there are lots of things going on.
1. we have finally come to an agreement with the sellers of the South Bend house, and now the house is ours. (MWHAHAhahahaha evil laugh). for that, i'd like to thank H2B for all his hard work and our real estate agent for all the back and forth nonsense.
2. it is Summerfest in Milwaukee...which drinking and music? i know, you're thinking "so, just-another-day-in-milwaukee?" yup. pretty much. but better. and while i have pretty much broken up with Summerfest due to age and the inability to tolerate crowds with a side of drunkeness, strollers and sunburns...i do get incredibly nostalgic about it...and that's how i really want to remember Summerfest. H2B and i *will* be going to see Stevie Wonder on sunday and am truly geeked about that.
3. my last day of work is July 3 (sheds tear). i will be taking the month of July off to do wedding things, pack, have a nervous breakdown, tell the cats we are moving and soak up milwaukee to the fullest. my lovely boss (& friend) bill has given me the opportunity to still do freelance, which i will begin to do in august, so technically...i'm not totally done working.
4. saturday is my bachlorette party. but really, it's a sleepover. with tons of champagne and cupcakes, candy & pizza. and all my favorite girls. perhaps i will do a Photo Montage Friday about it tomorrow.
until the next time...
pictures above from a fab website that sells fab things, Three Potato Four


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