Tuesday, July 14, 2009


this pretty much sums up how i was feeling today.
tired. tired. cranky. tired. wanting to curl up in a ball and cover my face.
my days away from work have been filled. and i mean filled. between getting stuff ready for our new house (the closing is this friday), doing wedding errands and finishing up some freelance work, the days have been flying by. and for the most part...all very good, not-too-stressful days.
but i think i hit the wall today and just wanted to crash. and i did, for a little bit this afternoon after all my "chores" were done :) am feeling a bit better now.
i think tonight i am just going to focus on projects that are doable sitting down. in front of the TV. possibly (and by "possibly" i mean "definitely") watching NYC Prep. have you guys seen this show? ridic.
hmmm...so what else...what other wedding updates can i give you?
- well, both my mom and dad have their outfits (a last-minute task, but we powered through quite well i think)
- we picked a reading that is just.the.cutest. (i will post after the wedding)
- i finalized the delicious menu
- my trial hair appointment is tomorrow
- and my cute friend Tina is almost done sewing my veil. it is simple with just the right amount of poof.
in other news, i'm considering a different shoe choice, i'm wearing a FIERCE black jumpsuit for the rehearsal dinner, and i'm creating a playlist for the reception that will be sure to rock the party.
11 days left.
until the next time...
**picture above is my darling Ruby-girl**


Blogger Kitty said...

awww... why didn't you call me. My little bay-beeee.

July 15, 2009 12:27 AM  

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