Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Photo Montage....Wednesday?

to say that life is far from normal right now would be an understatement. so it's no surprise that our traditional "Photo Montage Friday" falls on a wednesday. wait, is it wednesday? this is how confused i am on what day it even is...
regardless, having kicked some serious butt in terms of unpacking the past two days, i decided to take a break and post a photo montage: Wedding Day Edition. hooray!
it was only fitting that Milwaukee would celebrate our marriage with just as much pomp and circumstance as we imagined. and by celebrate, i mean it was most likely the busiest weekend of the summer with events, festivals and overall chaos. did i mention our ceremony and reception all took place in the heart of it all? here is a taste of what else was going on (besides our wedding) on July 25th:
- German Fest
- Downer Avenue Bike Race
- Riverwest Bike Race
- Gallery night and day
- Brady Street Fest (milwaukee likes its festivals)
- Bradford Beach Jam
and last but not least:
the Air and Water Show at the lakefront (crowd favorite)
so i'm sure you're wondering how we even managed to tie the knot.
well, we did and it was wonderful. despite the roaring Blue Angels that tore up the sky during our vows (we like to think it was them giving us their blessing) the day was beautiful and spectacular.
there is not much to say except that it was, without a doubt, the


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