Friday, February 27, 2009

our engagement announcement

for those who have not seen it...

photo montage friday!!!

to address H2B concerns of not looking absolutely fantastic in my previous post's picture...i have decided that fridays will be photo montage fridays! photo montage fridays! 
who's excited?
i am.
also - these posts are for extended family & friends - for whom we've not been able to spend real quality time with...but i know you're out there reading and supporting us :) 
much love.
ps. darling - you look fabulous. on the inter-web or otherwise. xoxo

Thursday, February 26, 2009

after the show it's the after party

i can't bring myself to call it "the reception".
not that "reception" is a bad word. lots of things deserve a formal welcome - weddings and the joining of families being one of the good ones.
but i just don't think that fits. for me. for us.
so i've been calling it a cocktail party. it is a party, there will be cocktails, the only difference being i'll have a new last name. and H2B will have a wife. the party may also include (but is not limited to): love, family, friends, laughs, tears, dancing & ice cream.
this may be the
onto the details - this party will be at Trocadero, a parisian-style cafe located on Milwaukee's east side, known for its incredibly tasty bloody mary's and french-chic decor. it will be held in the Garden Room, which is located off of Troc's popular patio, complete w/ stone pathways, grape vines in abundance, and twinkly string lights. 
**the picture of us above is from my surprise birthday brunch - also held at Trocadero**
**do not have any pics of the Garden Room to post just yet...stay tuned**

i like to draw things

while this post isn't exactly wedding-related...i think you will all enjoy it just the same.
am not sure if i will continue to have disclaimers regarding wedding-related posts vs. non-wedding related posts (it is my blog after all) but it will become apparent quite quickly that i will be blogging about other things. (see description of blog under title. these posts will fall into the "otherwise" category)
i suppose if this does not suite you, you could take your ball and go home.
however, back to the post. although my 9-5 consists of designing for other people while conveniently also paying the true love (besides H2B) involves creating art. for myself. for others. for the heck-of-it-and-sometimes-it-justs-sits-in-my-studio-until-it-finds-a-good-home.
i've opened an Etsy store. hooray! i'd like to add more to said store, but am going to let this batch of work be a trial run. if it is met with raving reviews...then i will continue the quest for ultimate artist-dom. for those of you unfamiliar with Etsy, it is a website which provides the general public with a way to buy and sell handmade items. (thank you Wikipedia)
so with that i leave you with a link to my store. buy handmade. support artists.

walentine's day

i recognize this is a bit late, but the pics were so cute i wanted to share. our valentine's day was simple and sweet. we had coffee and read the paper at home in the morning, bummed around and saw a movie in the afternoon and then stayed in and had pizza for dinner.
(it wasn't all romantic...we did pass up ordering a heart-shaped pizza)
i could probably
is that bad?
anyway - see pictures above. 
1) our cards
2) our kitties Kingston & Ruby (shown respectively - these pics fit them rather perfectly - Kingston is pretty much happy-go-lucky, while Ruby has a bit of a spark. she says "Bam!" to love)
3) kitty montage! kitty montage!
4) heart

**the title of this post is dedicated to a sweet Persian woman i used to work for named Mohila. she couldn't pronounce her "V's" so she used to say "Walentine's". their restaurant, Caspian Cafe in Madison Wisconsin, recently closed and i'm a tiny bit heartbroken to say the least**

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

my dearest girls

i have so many great girlfriends - old friends, new friends - all of whom mean a great deal to me. however, i was not particularly interested in having bridesmaids as it is a small, rather non-traditional wedding. (also, would of had to have about 15 - yikes). 
i still wanted to include all these girls somehow, but without the normal bridesmaid duties. so i came up with a color palette and sent out a mailing with paint swatches asking each girl to choose her outfit for the wedding from the palette included. my hope is that in pictures and at the wedding, this magnificent group of women are recognized as special people in my life, but without the traditional title of "bridesmaid".
the packet i mailed out to each girl is shown above.
how cute are the "heart" paperclips??

the photographers

i love this couple.
well i don't know them very well, (do phoning and emailing count?) but their work is so fantastic that i pined for them to photograph my wedding long before H2B even came along.
Jesse & Whitney are the visionaries behind "Our Labor of Love". photographers that can only be described as observant, impeccable & sweet. it shows in each and every photo they take. i can't wait to meet them in person and more importantly work with them. am incredibly honored they will be a part of our big day :)
**photo courtesy of OLOL** check out their site, as well as their blog.

the venue

growing up in Milwaukee, i've always admired this building from afar. 
the Villa Terrace is set atop a hill overlooking Lake Michigan. originally the residence of successful local business man, Lloyd Smith of A.O. Smith fame, it is now used as a decorative arts museum and for events.
we are lucky enough to have our ceremony here. given the short notice (6 months out when we booked it) i think the only reason we were able to get in is that our ceremony will be held in the late evening. (yay!)
we have the Villa for 3 hours, so we invite our guests to take some time after the wedding to look around - take pictures in the beautiful courtyard, or just sit and enjoy the Renaissance Garden.
so excited!
**pictures courtesy of the Villa Terrace website**

the dress

we're getting married in july. in the midwest if all goes well, this means it's summer.
(if anyone is from wisconsin, you understand that the weather changes daily. we could get snow in july folks. who knows.)
ideally, i'd like a short dress. am having a bit of a tough time finding one. initially i tried the "off-the-rack" route, searching places like Nordstroms, Saks, Bloomingdales, Macy's, etc. i tried the vintage store route with no luck.  i also entertained the possibility of having my dress made from a local and fabulous designer, but just didn't work with our budget.
i love love the jcrew options...but am not sure they are right for me.
what's a girl to do? 
make a dress mood board of course!
see if one magically drops from the sky? 

the moooood

the mood board. the inspiration board. the "has-a-lot-of-pictures-on-it" board.
those in the blogosphere (particularly of the wedding sort) are familiar with this organized way of explaining to others what their vision is for their big day.
i do these all the time for work. it's like sometimes i can only explain in visuals. it's sometimes the only way the client will understand what i'm thinking. when i told H2B that i was going to create a mood board to share with him, he said "are you trying to sell this wedding to me?"


"but honey! it's the only way i know how!"


still, he loves me and for this i am grateful. 
the mood for our wedding can be best described as intimate, whimsical & fun.
it's us. 
it will be very small (about 70 guests or so) and will be close friends and family. sometimes i wish we could invite everyone - we are both so blessed to have great friends all across the country - but we're just unable to cut it financially. and i think that's okay - people will understand. and i think it's going to be great.

the ring

i love jewlery.
love it. 
love huge diamonds, adore over-the-top baubles and fawn over shiny & sparkly things.
that being said, my engagement ring is none of these things. except sparkly. and fabulous. and i love it to pieces because it is perfect.
husband-to-be (H2B) loves to tell the story that i picked it out before we had even said "i love you". now come on, ladies - is that so hard to believe? i think not. 
i digress - it is the most delicate thing ever. it is a rose-gold band with diamonds all the way around. sometimes it looks pink.

sometimes i can't believe it's mine.

at last

am finally getting the hang of this .
and by "hang-of-this" I mean, all the colors I want are finally right, because really - what else matters?
anyway - just want to start off by saying that this blog stemmed from the obvious, my recent engagement, but also from the inspiration I get from reading so many other blogs daily. wedding, graphic design, interior design, beauty, fashion....etc.

i heart u all. 


Yay! am officially set up to blog about all things wedding and otherwise. stay tuned....