Friday, March 27, 2009


it's Photo Montage Friday - the Ruby Birthday edition!
(okay, her birthday was 2 weeks ago...and i haven't been consistent with PMF) but please please forgive me and enjoy this festive board. we set up a faux-photo-backdrop with gift wrap from Broadway Paper and cheerful cherry red balloons. she was ecstatic. she's so vain she even thinks this post is about her. 
happy weekend!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

combined styles

while H2B and i agree on most things (pizza toppings, the perfect temperature for a run, puppies) we do differ slightly on our interior design preferences. i like shabby chic meets mid-century modern with a side of the occasional wallpapered wall, while he leans more towards darker colors meets wooden accents and the color blue. well friends have no fear because i believe we've somehow managed to find a solution that works - we've come up with a compromise.
Modern Rustic.
i'm sure we are not the first or the last to welcome this mix & match style, but it seems to compliment the best of both visions without anyone threatening to move out or tear a wall down.
my most coveted piece of furniture (at this moment) is the Louis Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck. i would be elated with one, singular chair sharing a corner of our bedroom...but the ideal situation would be 8 of them around our some-day dining room table. or maybe 4, with a bench on the other side. however, i'm not quite sure brian is convinced...
in any event, this post is for you, H2B, because for awhile i've been meaning to show you that this timeless display of beautiful design could exist in our Modern Rustic lifestyle.
paired with a dark, slightly bruised and battered solid table - we might just live happily ever after.

other people's weddings

it's hard to believe, but brian & i aren't the only ones getting married this summer. (i know, i can barely grasp the concept myself). in fact, we are attending 6 other weddings. i also can't turn down a good reason to design something, so when my dear friend renee came to me and asked to design her wedding invitations, i said of course.
renee and her betrothed will be married just a little over a month before brian & i and her wedding will be traditional, simple and classic. with a side of fun & sweetness. because that is renee and troy.
renee loved the idea of champagne glasses along with whatever illustration pattern that my little heart desired. she also wanted to do a postcard-sized RSVP to save on the cost of an extra envelope.
we came up with a good solution. (click on the image to see more detail)
and delivered yesterday a week or so before our deadline...she is one happy bride :)

hellloo lovaah

i had been eyeing these Kate Spade lovelies for quite some time now, imagining them gracing my feet for The Big Day, but i just wasn't ready to commit. then, as luck would have it, my fantastic coworker Leica got a special friends & family discount coupon today in her email and passed it on to me.
and the only size that was left was my size. fate? i think so.
so these are the shoes i will say "i do" in. 
unless of course, i find something better...and in that case, i will wear them whenever i please.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

my other life

if you are in need of coffee (and who isn't) stop by the Starbucks on Downer avenue starting April 1st and come see some of my paintings.
out-of-towners are welcome. you can always get the coffee to go and a painting to keep you company for the drive back :)
*edit: this afternoon i signed a contract that states i am not allowed to advertise the fact that i am hanging up paintings at an unmentioned popular coffee chain that orignated in Seattle. as much as i would like to say that i don't care, i am too scared to break the rules fearing eternal expulsion at said (or unsaid?) coffee shop. i love it far too much to risk it. you know who you are Venti Black Coffee*

Monday, March 23, 2009


happy monday friends.
my head is all in a tizzy from an *extremely* busy work week (last week) and then a quick trip (as in 5 hr drive, 24 hr visit, 5 hr drive back) to visit my darling friend jessica in minneapolis. (unquestionably worth it)
don't have much to say except this flyer is awesome.
discovered here.

Monday, March 16, 2009


i bought this fantastic book yesterday at a local milwaukee store called
JuJu (love). cannot wait to start bringing my designs to more tactile media...tea towels, pillowcases, sheets...even skirts and t-shirts perhaps? how lovely.
watch out friends and family, a whole new set of gifts will be coming your way :)
enjoy Lotta's musings & work on her blog.
and buy her book here.

Happy Birthday Baby!

did everyone have a fantastic weekend? the weather is finally starting to warm up here in milwaukee so we took full advantage of being outside both days - it was so refreshing. however i guess i was over-eager about said weather because during my run on saturday i completely tripped and was airborne for like, 2 minutes. then came crashing down, thus scraping my hands and knees. poor me :(

in other news, today is H2B's birthday - hooray! 

we had a great time celebrating on saturday - i surprised him w/ a visit from his best friend who met us for lunch w/ his family. my mom and dad came too - a good time was had by all.
i was insanely inspired by the first photo above, so i recreated it with my own appropriate phrasing and framed it for H2B's birthday gift. love it.
it was also Ruby's birthday (our 2 year old calico kitty) on sunday and we had a little photoshoot to commemorate her years on earth thus far. as you can imagine, like any cat, she was thrilled. (pictures to come) she also received a new (albeit small) kitty condo, which from an interior design perspective i am hugely embarrassed of, but she loves it as she can be all mysterious and hidden while still keeping an eye on us, so we are happy. 
**ps.however, do not hesitate to believe i will hide that thing so fast when guests come over. and you know this.
**pps. if anyone knows the artist of the above photo - shoot me a comment. am sure i saw it on one of the hundreds of blogs i read daily - would like to give credit where credit is due**

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

we'll leave the light on

friends. it's been awhile. well - 3 days i guess. but in the blogosphere i feel like that is a long time. nevertheless, not too many wedding updates, but i will let you all in on some hotel information in case you are coming in from out of town for the big day.
the best part is that H2B composed an incredibly witty email to send out, which is quoted below and will serve as our post:
"Hi Everyone,
The weekend of July 25 is still a ways off (mailed invitations still to come), but I thought I should provide some hotel information for those of you who are organized planners. While the concept is alien to me, I understand that some of you operate according to an actual plan. You may even prefer having your reservation locked in early to the excitement of finding last minute lodgings.
In any event we have arranged for a block of rooms at the Hilton Milwaukee River at a discounted rate. The information is as follows:
Hilton Milwaukee River | 4700 N. Port Washington Road | Milwaukee, WI | 414.962.6040
To take advantage of the rate call the hotel directly at the number above and ask for a room with the "Mead/Quinn Wedding Group". Room rates are $109 per night for one or two people, $119 for three people, and $129 for four people.
Please be aware that the cut off date for the special rate is June 23.
The hotel is about three miles north of downtown and is at an easy-to-access location. It is not however, within walking distance. We tried to get a block of rooms at one of the hotels right downtown, but they are heavily booked that weekend with festival crowds. For some reason the city of Milwaukee thought that it would be appropriate to celebrate our wedding by holding a huge German Festival for the entire weekend. We are not sure how to thank them, but we will enjoy the beer, sausage, pretzels and music.
If anyone would like to stay downtown so that they can walk back to their hotel in the evening, there are many hotels that may have individual rooms available, but they are booking up quickly. and are two great websites for finding hotels in the city, and if you have questions or would like recommendations, feel free to call and we will be glad to help."

here are some downtown hotels we recommend:
The Ironhorse (new, super awesome, my fave)
County Claire (for all you irishmen & women out there - we really wanted to reserve the block of rooms here)
The Pfister (a little upscale)
**the image above is from the Iron Horse Hotel. it is the hotel's breakfast room called The Library.**

Saturday, March 7, 2009

rain rain go away

happy saturday everyone! it is a yucky, rainy day here in milwaukee. we are fortunate that it is getting warmer....but it's all gray and blah. not exactly motivating. and not exactly fun weather to run in like H2B and i were planning on doing. oh well. that's what the gym is for i suppose....
i wanted to get the milwaukee inspiration board up, and photo montage friday had no photo montage! have completely abandoned my promise. gasp! well. i think i will work hard to do some posting this weekend.
maybe it is good that it is raining...will get lots done inside.
**i recently bought the print above from my very talented friend Rob. i love clouds. especially ones that shoot lightening bolts. ka-blam!**

Thursday, March 5, 2009

the runner-up

i recognize that i can't share The Dress here for fear that H2B will see it, but i have decided to show the dress that came in at a close-second....'twas a tough decision but i think i made the right one :)

winter song
so much it makes my heart hurt a little.
thank you pretty.pretty.paper so much for the original post. xoxo

Milwaukee Part 1

H2B claims that the reason i noticed him that fateful night we first met is because he was the only person in milwaukee that i didn't know.
this may or may not be true. i argue that there were and are other reasons he is noticeable :)
that being said, he was new to milwaukee and as a long-time resident and lover of my city, i took it upon myself to create a list of must-do things while living here.
and because i'm a designer, i couldn't help but make said list into a poster.
my first gift to him.
i thought it would be fun to post this, because i was thinking of our out of town guests that will be visiting milwaukee for the first time for our wedding, and how this might be applicable for them too. granted, they will not be able to complete all 75 things...but there's no harm in trying :)
i also will be posting a milwaukee inspiration board that co-incides with this post later today!
**this poster now hangs framed in our apartment. i think we've completed a little over 50% of the tasks...and it is a great resource when we run out of ideas for dates.**

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

the dress (part deux)

i got my dress this weekend. fabulous!
despite the non-traditional vibe for our big day, i don't plan on showing H2B The Dress prior to the wedding. 
oooooooh....but i want to show him so bad!
oh well.
but i will say that it is short. and it has pockets. POCKETS!
my maid of honor (hi lovely) said it is the dress that god sent down for me. i believe her and am eternally grateful.

**the drawing above is not me (duh) or the dress (duh x 2), but it makes me happy just the same.**