Friday, May 29, 2009

home sweet home

photo montage friday! photo montage friday! The New House Edition. woooo!
this is our soon-to-be-house in South Bend, Indiana. it has tons of light, hardwood floors, crown molding in the dining room, 2 sunrooms and a big lovely landscaped backyard. i have only been there once, but instantly fell in love. now i just have to fall in love with the following:
1. gardening
2. wallpaper removal
3. gardening
4. south bend, indiana
i think i'll come around...
in other news, this is the first friday in a MONTH that i will be home. in my apartment. in milwaukee. and H2B is driving here as.we.speak. sigh. yay.

i love my parents

Dear Mom & Dad,
It has come to my attention that you have not yet received an invitation to our wedding. I was notified when your invite was returned to me via the United States Postal Service. You see, I incorrectly addressed your invite.
I have a lot going on.
You would think that having lived at that address for 15 years and then continuing to visit said address on a weekly, to biweekly basis since moving out, I would remember where it was. You would think that when creating the label for that address that I would put the correct house number instead of actually putting the last four digits of your phone number. 
I have just implemented a new way of doing labels with smart technology and I assure you this mistake will not happen again. 
Did I mention I have a lot going on?
You are still, most definitely, invited to the wedding.
lots of love,
your uncharacteristically flakey daughter.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

dear mr. postman...

the invites are in the mail. wooo!

Friday, May 22, 2009

9 weeks away.......

can you believe it? the wedding is 9 weeks away? wow. 
lots of things are getting done...but one *very* fun thing that happened today was that our wedding bands came in! hooray! we tried them on last weekend while we were in Chicago and had them shipped here to Milwaukee. so if you thought getting packages at work was exciting...this is like 100 times that (unless of course you are getting some really fabulous shoes, and then it's most likely comparable). happyhappy.
the pics above are from the unveiling...but you will have to wait to see the actual rings :)
in other news...the invites went out today and we put an offer on a house. what?!? i know. big things happening...big things my friends...

Friday, May 15, 2009

like, so fabulous

friends! it's friday! happy happy joy joy.
this weekend, my long-distance lov-ah and i are meeting half-way in Chicago to go to a fantastic event: the Young Modern party at the NEW Modern Wing of the Art Institute of Chicago. SO excited! 
i have a pretty new dress and H2B said he got some new duds too. he sounded pretty psyched about his outfit choice, so i'm super anxious to see how handsome he'll look.
how did we get invited to such a soiree? my dear, lovely friend anne who is at the helm of this ship that is the new Modern Wing, graciously asked us to be her guests, and to see exactly what she has been working on for what seems like a million years. 
thank you annie - we are so excited and you've been working your a$$'s time for a cocktail!

Monday, May 11, 2009

over the river and through the 'hood... fiance's house i go...

i went to Indiana this past weekend to visit my Love, and all-in-all it was a good trip. it was my first attempt at the commute and my GPS is set to avoid traffic congestion - so i took quite an interesting route through Chicago... but i eventually ended up in South Bend, IN.
saturday involved some exploration, both on foot and on wheels, and saturday night we dined at a fantastic steak house, Ruth's Chris, for dinner. 
naturally, we had to rush home after dinner to catch my other boyfriend host SNL. and disappoint he did not. PLEASE tell me you all managed to watch THIS.
sunday was house-hunting day. i will post pics soon of our findings...but there are some good options and hopefully we'll be making a happy home quite soon.
*picture of Downtown South Bend courtesy of this website*