Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Boom Boom Pow!

Hello Friends! It is almost Thanksgiving!! Hooray! Am excited to visit Mr. Q's family but am a little sad not to see my own this year. However...that's okay because I'll be seeing them *very soon* in a couple weeks and I will for sure be calling them on Thursday. Perhaps we will share a piece of pie together over the phone. It has been rainy and blah here, but yesterday our trip to the doctor's office was just as good as the sun coming out.
We got to hear Raisin's heartbeat for the first time! At my last appointment, we were unable to (sad) as Raisin was most likely too little yet, or hiding. But yesterday...the doctor found it right away. And it was LOUD. And fast. Our doctor (Dr. B) said it was right around 140-150 bpm. In addition to the fast little thumping, there were all sorts of other noises. It sounded like someone was hitting a microphone. Lots of Pows, Bams and Bada-Bings. It was all very Batman fighting and such.
Dr. B commented that Raisin was doing aerobics and was being very active. My guess is he/she felt extremely guilty for not showing up last time on the doppler, so wanted to make sure we were all VERY aware of her presence. It was either that or she was still very energized from our super powerwalk on the treadmill earlier that morning. 
In any event, we are both so thankful to know there really is a baby in there (as if growing tummy was not enough evidence). Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy time with your loved ones...near and far.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

An Homage to My Jeans (15 weeks)

Are you all having a fabulous weekend? After an exceptionally warm and sunny day yesterday...we are faced with lots of blah and rain today. Which I guess it is okay for a Sunday, considering we really just feel like laying on the couch and watching football.
And...taking Baby Bump pictures. 
Things are going well. As mentioned in the previous post, Raisin has decided to make a permanent appearance, which I'm getting used to, but am also excited to see. Fortunately, my jeans and I are still friends. As in, I am successful at getting them to button up comfortably...although I recognize the day is coming soon when I will have to put them in a drawer to hibernate until next year. 
Thus, wearing them in this 15 week Baby Bump picture is like an tribute to them. Dear Jeans, I really enjoyed our time together and I promise that no pair of maternity ones will ever take your place (permanently). xoxo

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Well, it seems as though my tummy has had quite a growth spurt in the past couple days. Yes, seriously. 
It is taking some getting used to. You know...seeing it in the mirror during yoga class...and trying to get over the fact that it's no longer a gut that I can just suck in...the usual. Is definitely a bit weird.
But aside from Raisin news, I'm pleased to report that a few more blogs will be featuring our wedding. Joy!
Our photographers, Jesse + Whitney posted a couple of days ago, Latin Weddings posted today, and Southern Weddings Magazine will be posting within the next couple weeks, so stay tuned. The last two are especially exciting because we are neither Latin or Southern. very flattered to be on their radar nonetheless. thank you for the recognition!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I'm pretty sure that Mr. Q and I are not the first couple to nickname their baby while in the womb.
We actually found out that I was pregnant pretty early, around 4-5 weeks, and when we did, we were super curious to know what size it was (wouldn't you be?) And when we looked it up, the all-knowing internet said that our baby was approximately the size of a raisin.
And we all know if it's on the internet, then it's got to be true.
Baby Raisin! Of course! And the name stuck. Because really...who likes calling their unknown-gender-kid "It" or "He/She" or "The Baby"?
Raisin just seems to work. 
Hopefully Raisin doesn't mind this and doesn't get offended when he hears it. Although, we could always tell him later that "I'm sure it was really stuffy there in the womb and all, and everyone knows it sounds like you're underwater - we would never refer to our little angel as a wrinkly, dried fruit."
**artist's interpretation of our floating little miracle - not to scale, or reality for that matter**

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Friday the 13th...weeks

The ability to be witty & smart today is escaping me this morning (can I blame pregnancy brain?) so will have to save the in-detail post about our lovely news for another day. All the stories about vomiting, aversions to anything in the kitchen, and just how elated I am to be feeling better should be justified with really good story-telling. 
That being said, I am 13 weeks and in an effort to slip into a slinky kitty outfit to hand out candy during trick or became obvious that Baby Raisin (which is our cute nickname, more on this later) did not want to be left out of the festivities. 
Hello Mini Baby Bump!

Oh Baby!

** Baby Quinn ~ May 8, 2010 **