Saturday, February 20, 2010

29 weeks

You may have noticed that we missed last week's photo session. So sad, I know...but for good reason I promise. My first baby shower! Thrown by my lovely mother-in-law and her sisters, it was a sweet little soiree with yummy food and excellent company. Thank you Carol and Marsha - I had so much fun!
That being said, we now present our baby bump pictures this, my 29th week of being pregnant.
So what's new in the 7 month? Hmm...well the nursery is coming along. The horrible wallpaper is officially off and we are making strides to priming and painting this week. (as-in-this-week-darling-Brian-are-you-reading-this?) We bought a crib, which is waiting patiently to be put together by my handy engineer Mr. Q and oh yeah, my belly is getting bigger and am having a hard time believing that there is no stopping it at this point.
Which leads to me to question - how cramped in there is it Raisin? I mean, I have 2 bites of food and I feel like I'm going to explode! And I'm so thirsty, but sometimes can't fathom putting any extra liquid in there. Between that and trying to avoid peeing all the time, well honestly it's exhausting. More importantly, where did all my other parts go that were in there before? I just don't think there's any more room in there is all I'm saying.
Raisin is moving around a lot and I think she's in a different position, specifically LOWER in my tummy because now when I walk on the treadmill, it feels like she's putting on the pressure to come out! (Not yet honey, just WAIT a couple months) 
In any event, every week just flies by and now when I see a baby, I can't believe that we are going to


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