Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Calm Before the Storm

Our post title might not be super accurate. I mean, it's not entirely "calm" around here...there are a zillion things to do before Raisin arrives. I am working a lot, Brian is working a lot and we even bought a microwave.
Did you know we didn't even have one? Now we are so modern it hurts.
Brian finished painting the nursery, and I've washed and folded every piece of clothing or fabric that Raisin will come in contact with during her first 3 months of life. Still have yet to actually organize and put away said items, but that will happen. Eventually.
I've been incredibly tired. What's new? But this tired is taking things to a new level. I suppose when you're carrying what is now a 5-6 lb baby, she is going to be demanding in regards to energy. Thankfully, we've had some wonderful visitors to keep our spirits up. Mr. Q's parents came down a couple weeks ago and helped put together furniture for the nursery, and then my parents came this past Easter weekend. We relaxed, cooked, took walks around the Riverwalk and of course dyed eggs. Okay, so we only dyed a few eggs and drew silly faces on all the rest...but it was beautiful decoration nonetheless.
Look for new pics this weekend as we hit the big 36 weeks!


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