Friday, January 29, 2010

Wake Up!

Raisin punches and kicks a lot when the alarm goes off in the morning.
I hope this means she will be punctual...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sunshine and Such

It's snowing. Again.
Which really, should not come as a surprise seeing as how we *do* live in the Midwest and this is what happens from December to March (or April or May). But perhaps it stings worse coming back from a sunny vacation. Or a mini-vacation. Or 2-days-in-Florida-when-the-weather-is-between-60-and-70-degrees-but-you-are-going-to-put-on-your-bathing-suit-and-sit-by-the-pool-anyways-because-you-WILL-enjoy-yourself!
Mr. Q and I went to Orlando for a couple days. He had to go for a work conference and I tagged along. Originally, we had wanted to go on a "Babymoon" (meaning a nice little getaway for the two of us before this tiny little person decides to invade our world) but in all honestly, it just didn't look like it was going to this was a small blessing.
While Mr. Q wowed the engineering circuit with his world-class presentations, I walked laps around the resort, read a lot and even braved the pool one day. But only for approximately 1 hour, under the supervision of an extremely high SPF...hello! Have you seen how pale I am?? We also managed to hit up Epcot and Downtown Disney. This was quite fun, but even the magic of Disney cannot stop a pregnant woman from having to pee every 7 minutes.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Grandpa Mead

My grandpa passed away last night. Did you know that Brian actually asked my grandpa's permission first to marry me before asking my dad? Grandpa lived with my parents for 13 years after the passing of his wife Adine, and when Brian and I were still just dating, he often referred to Brian as my husband. Slightly embarrassed at what we now know was a prophetic slip of the tongue, I would tell my grandpa "We're not married yet - but you'll be the first to know."
And he was.
There are lots of things to say about this wonderful man, and I think my mom has done it perfectly.
Please read her blog post "For the Love of Lenny".
Grandpa we'll miss you. Please watch down on us in the next coming months so you can see your great-granddaughter. We'll make sure to tell her all about you.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

24 weeks

Ladies and we are. Another month has passed and the 24th week is upon us. 6 whole months since discovering our small family was about to become a little bit bigger. 
I keep thinking to when we found out about Raisin. It was hot out, we didn't have a dog yet and we were still unpacking. Did I mention it was hot out?! Now it is freezing, Doris is practically running the house and the only thing we've unpacked in months has been a random set of gloves or maybe a scarf for aforementioned freezing weather.
Also, I think I'm starting to waddle. You know, the stereotypical pregnant-walk commonly seen in movies or on television? Well, it's not fiction. And you can't help it. It's not even like you have to be that far along for it to come to you naturally. It just sort of happens. Mostly I believe it's God's subtle way of making you totally unattractive to the opposite sex because you are married and oh yeah...carrying your spouse's baby. ie: Please do not hit on this woman as she is completely unavailable and will be sleep-deprived in approximately 4 months. Thank you.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

"Ring" in the New Year

Happy New Year! Did everyone have a wild time?? Naturally! I knew our friends and family would not disappoint us with tales of ho-hum evenings...
We were fortunate to have NYE plans set since July or so, as Mr. Q and I were invited to a black tie wedding in Milwaukee that night. This was particularly fantastic since a) I don't think either one of us was anticipating a crazy night (thank you Raisin) b) we were able to go to Milwaukee again and c) we were genuinely excited for our friends to be married. 
The event was held at Cuvee, a champagne bar in the Third Ward.
Yes, I said champagne bar.
And yes, as one could imagine, it was totally cruel (despite all the love that was flowing of course) to invite me to an event where what would otherwise be an ideal heaven of sparkly, bubbly, every-kind-of-champagne-in-the-whole-wide-world goodness, was in fact, not - being that I was unable to actually drink said champagne. It was a true testament of sacrifice for our lovely Raisin. But I managed. (I have always had above-average willpower) And we still had an excellent time :)
Cheers Bryan and Andrea! 
ps. doesn't Mr. Q look so dapper and James Bond-ish in his tux? perhaps this could be his outfit for Raisin's delivery ensuring an absolutely cool, calm and collected attitude during the whole thing...