Transair? Drop Brackets

Transair Drop Brackets are designed for the quick and easy addition of drop lines to an existing compressed air or intert gas system....
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Transair Drop Brackets make adding drop lines to an existing compressed air or inert gas system quick and easy. Only a drill and a drilling jig are needed to install a Transair drop bracket. Drop brackets come in 3 variations: Simple or Saddle, Quick Assembly, or Pressurized (Hot Tap) ready.

When installing drop brackets, the hole must be on the top or side of the pipe to prevent any moisture from running down the new line. The quick assembly bracket eliminates the need for extra fittings due to the orientation of openings. With the use of a special drill, the Pressurized (Hot Tap) brackets can be installed with the air line still being pressurized.

For the full installation instructions, download our installation manual or watch our installation videos.

The “full bore” design of Transair connectors paired with the low coefficient of friction in the pipe ensures optimal flow throughout the system. All connectors are 100% recyclable, silicone-free, and made of non-flammable materials. (UL94-HB compliant) Parker has a 10 year guarantee on all Transair pipe and connectors.

• Automotive Assembly
• Food & Beverage
• Packaging
• Industrial Plants
• Aerospace

• Quick Connection Technology
• Modular and Reusable
• No Corrosion
• Full-bore Design
• Lower Installation costs
• Optimum Flow Rate
• 10 year guarantee
• Immediate Pressurization
• Lightweight

• Compressed Air
• Inert Gas

Maximum Working Pressure: 188psi (12,9bar) when system is operated between -4 to 140 F (-20 to 60 C)
                                                232psi (15,9bar) when system is operated between -4 to 115 F (-20 to 46.1 C)


形式 Style dependent on configuration
管件外徑(英寸) 1 to 6
管件外徑(毫米) 25 to 168,3
管件外徑2(英寸) 1/2 to 2
管件外徑2(毫米) 16,5 to 63
連接螺紋尺寸(英寸) 1/2 to 1
連接螺紋尺寸(英寸) 16,5 to 25
最大工作壓力(psi) 232
最大工作壓力(Bar) 15,9
最小工作溫度(F) -4
最低工作油溫(C) -20
最高工作油溫(F) 140
最高工作油溫(C) 60
應用 Compressed Air & Inert Gas
工業標準 EN 755.2, EN 755.8, EN 573.3, ISO 9001, ASME B31.1 - 31.9, ISO 8573 (Air Quality), TUV Certification, CE Conformity
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