HLE100-SR Belt Driven, Square Rail Bearing, Rodless Linear A

A square rail  is the defining distinction of the HLE-SR, permitting greater load carrying capacity within the same overall package size. The HLE100-SR boasts rated payload capacity of up to 5883N & is optimized for high speed, single/multi-axis  systems...
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The guidance system is the principal distinction between the HLE-RB (roller bearing) and HLE-SR (square rail). The HLE-SR employs a square rail bearing system, which permits greater load carrying capability within the same overall package size as the HLE-RB. By containing the square rail bearing inside the envelope of the HLE body it is fully protected by the IP30 strip seal. The HLE-SR still offers the same high speed, high acceleration, and stiff, rigid construction. It is ideally suited for use in either single axis configurations or high speed, multi-axis, gantry systems.  

The HLE100-SR employs the same high strength, steel reinforced belt and pulley drive train that is utilized in the HLE-RB. The mounting of the belt to the carriage is designed to enable easy replacement of the belt without the need to remove the payload, while simultaneously providing a very rigid connection. The drive pulley assembly is designed to accept planetary gear reducers as well as a wide variety of servo and stepper motors. Special carriage lengths and linear units with multiple carriages are available for custom applications.  

HLE100-SR Belt Driven, Square Rail, Rodless Linear Actuator Features:
? Profile Width : 100mm
? Load capacities up to 5883 N
? Thrust force capacities up to 1115 N
? Standard travel up to 6150mm
? Velocity up to 3 m/s
? Positional repeatability of +/- 0.2mm
? High dynamic performance due to high load capacity square rail system
? Rugged construction for heavy duty applications
? Timing belt and pulley drive mechanism for fast, accurate positioning
? Seal Strip (IP30) for additional environmental protection
? T-slot mounting along actuator body and carriage


輪廓寬度(毫米) 100
驅動類型 Belt
軸承類型 Square Rail
最大沖程(毫米) 6150
最大沖程(英寸) 242
最大速度(米/秒) 3
最大速度(英寸/秒) 120
最大加速度(米/ s2) 10
最大加速度(英寸/ s2) 393
最大推力FX (牛頓) 1115
最大推力FX (磅) 251
典型載荷FZ(N) 400 - 5883
最大有效載荷FZ(牛頓) 5883
位置可重復性(+ / -毫米) 0.2
位置可重復性(+ / -英寸) 0.008
惰輪單元選擇 Yes
額外的保護選項 Steel Strip Cover
耐腐蝕的選擇 Yes (stainless steel)
證書 Cleanroom Certified (custom option)
線性反饋裝置 No
IP評級 IP30
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