Pneumatic Rotary Vane Cylinders - PV Series / Parker Pneumat

PV rotary vane actuators are available in four sizes and torque range 0.69 to 30.96Nm at 6 bar. With two versions, a 280° single vane and a 100° double vane that produces twice the torque output from identical envelope dimensions. ...
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PV rotary vane actuators provide the maximum amount of output torque from the smallest possible envelope size. Two basic styles are available. Single vane models have a maximum rotation of 280°, while the double vane units produce twice the torque output from identical envelope dimensions and have a maximum rotation of 100°. They convert pneumatic pressure into rotary motion for a wide variety of industrial applications. A short cylindrical chamber encloses a vane attached to a central shaft. Air pressure is applied to one side of the vane. The opposite side of the vane is connected to exhaust. This produces rotation of the vane and thus the central shaft. Due to vane actuator design there will always be some internal bypass in these units and therefore they should not be used as a brake or to support loads. Torque range from 0.69 to 30.96 at 6 bar.

■ Through rod facility size 22 and 33 : The two larger sizes of Vane Actuators are through rod as standard. The through rod facility enables linkages to be connected to both ends of the unit, maximising the design flexibility. This also enables the unit to be equipped with a kit providing full adjustment of the angle of rotation. The kit can be supplied complete with or without inductive sensors. These options can be assembled with the actuator when ordering or purchased as additional items.

■ Vane actuator with angle adjustment size 22 and 33 : This kit is assembled at the rear of the actuator and provides adjustment of :
- 0 to 100° for the double vane actuator
- 0 to 220° for the single vane actuator

The angle adjustment is attained by moving the end stops at the rear of the actuator. To facilitate this adjustment there is a position indicating disk on the rear face of the unit. Inductive sensors M8 with 90° plug-in and LED facility (PNP or NPN) can be added to the kit for end stop detection.

General Technical Data:
? International Standards : N/A
? Rotation Angles : 95°, 100°, 220°, 275° and 280°
? Versions : Double acting with:
Single vane - Not through rod
Double vane - Not through rod
Single vane - Through rod
Double vane - Through rod
? Cushioning : Rubber buffer
? Position Sensing : Inductive sensors M8 with 90° plug-in and LED facility (PNP or NPN) are available for sizes 22 and 33.
? Installation : Combination face and base mounting offer flexibility in application and design.
? Mounting Position : Any

Operating and Environmental Data:
? Operating Medium : For best possible service life and trouble-free operation dry, filtered compressed air to ISO 8573-1:2010 quality class 3.4.3 should be used. This specifies a dew point of +3°C for indoor operation (a lower dew point should be selected for minus temperature operation and we recommend the use of an inline dryer) and is in line with the air quality from most standard compressors with a standard filter.
? Operating Pressure : 2 to 10 bar maximum
? Operating Temperature : Standard temperature -10°C to +80°C
? Pre-lubricated : Further lubrication is normally not necessary. If additional lubrication is introduced it must be continued.
? Corrosion Resistance : High resistance to corrosion and chemicals.

Material Specification:
? End Covers : Hard anodised aluminium
? Cylinder Barrel : Hard anodised aluminium
? Shaft : Stainless steel
? Bearing : PTFE (Polytetrafluroethylene) coated bearing
? Vane : Hard anodised aluminium
? Seals : Nitrile


產品類型 Single Vane | Double Vane
功能 Double
通孔尺寸 N/A
標準旋轉(度數) 95°, 100°, 220°, 275° and 280°
扭矩范圍(牛米) 0.69 to 30.96 (at 6 bar)
緩沖類型 Rubber Buffer
端口尺寸 M5 | G1/8 | G1/4
最大工作壓力(Bar) 10
運行環境溫度 (C) -10 to +80
運行環境溫度 (C) 14 to 176
遙感位置 Yes
重量(公斤) 0.16 to 2.05
耐腐蝕的選擇 Yes
可修復 Yes
證書 No
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